Best Linux and Windows Web Hosting Services India

Web hosting service is the best service that makes your web page view in the internet. But when web hosting decision comes between the two operating systems, you have to consider the needs of your website. If you have only a static website, then you do not needs think much, because both operating system will provide the best service according to your needs but if you have a dynamic website, then Linux will perform better than windows web hosting.

Are you searching for the Linux and Windows Web Hosting Services India? Glosoft India is your one stop solution for your different web hosting service and offers the suitable and tailors made operating systems according the needs of your website and presents your site on the internet in best technical way. Specialization in these two Webs hosting, we ensure that both our offered web hosting platforms have impressive features when it comes to hosting. There are so many common feature comes in Linux and Windows operating systems and both the systems have easy, convenient and fast FTP tools to serve a wide range of file management functions and equally secure in use.

Backed with rich years of experience, we have gained top position in this field and provide the best customized service to our clients and make their site ready to appear on the internet. Well endowed with cutting edge of security technology our managed servers are maintained with the latest security and performance patches and configured for optimal security. Helmed with the proficient technicians we guide our clients in every step and take your idea or business online today.

Key feature of our Linux and Windows Web Hosting Services India:

Linux and Windows are two different types of operating systems which offer equal security and service for your website. But Linux-based hosting is more popular as it offers more features according the expectation of web designer.  Linux is a free open source system that saves web hosting service providers from paying licensing fees for using Linux. But these two types of hosting offer the same level of proficiency and functionality and allow developers to create their site in secure way. So the type of hosting service depends on what kind of technologies your website needs.

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