Affordable Email Hosting Services in Kolkata, India

To increase your brand’s trust we are offering Email hosting service in Kolkata. It can operate email servers and store your mail massage and associated file on a server to help the server administrators easily access the mail for easy action. This email service also opposes the advertisement or free webmail and works independently from website hosting. Also, makes your business operate at full scale. Our professional email hosting service not only manages your email service but provides you the best peace of mind and ensures that you will able to focus on your business in all way.

Are you looking for E-mail Hosting Services in Kolkata, India? No needs to look further! Glosoft India is the number IT Company which offers excellent email hosting service, coordinates a network of email servers with best virus protection software. Well endowed with latest technology, we supply an extensive set of email services to our clients. With a versatile set of features comprising unlimited aliases, support for massive attachments, IMAP/POP3, unlimited forwards, sturdy spam and online storage, mailing lists, calendars and many more. It will help our clients to access their email from any place utilizing the internet on their smart phones. We additionally provide a hosted version of Microsoft Exchange which is very efficient and reasonable to attain similar options.

Over years of experience we are helmed with expert team and handle your different technical queries in professional way. Our E-mail Hosting Services India also provide tools such as cloud storage as well as immediate messaging service. By understanding the importance of email hosting for corporations we supply quick, safe and malware secured email server hosting solutions to purchasers and cater their mailing requirement.

Benefits of our Email Hosting Services in Kolkata, India:

  • E-mail Hosting Services offers a full control over your mail.
  • When you are on a generic web server, there is less chance of ending up in the spam folder
  • Our E-mail Hosting Services India oppose unnecessary configuration and helps you to maintain your unique workflow.
  • With an efficient technician we offer best technical support and help the clients in every step.
  • With this advance E-mail hosting service we brings best features which keep your business email free of spam, viruses, and other security threats and enhance the best functionality feature of your mailing service.
  • Our offered Email hosting services comes with organizational tools. It helps you manage different types of business communications in a very smart way.

E-mail Hosting Services Kolkata- Promote your business strategy in a unique way

Generally in this internet era, E-mail communication is now a lifeline for individuals and businesses equally. Effective e-mail communication is one of the important factors for business success. And, that is the reason personalized business email accounts come into the picture. Email hosting is a unique solution that coordinates a network of email servers. It is beneficial for a business website to provide a professional email service to users in order to fully utilize the website’s features. This service works autonomously from website hosting while allowing your business to function at full scale even while you’re setting everything up. So, if you are looking for the best email hosting! Choosing the E-mail Hosting Services in Kolkata, India is an ideal option. We can help you get much simpler with domain-based email hosting and building brand trust and awareness.

Emails are the electronic alternative of the letter and a Business Email is an email address that matches your domain name. It promotes your business while encouraging them to check out your site with every email sent. It also adds more credibility to your email. At Glosoft India, we understand the criticality of e-mail and offers secure e-mail hosting service that can help you communicate effortlessly with your friends and potential customers. We thoroughly know the intricacies of creating and maintaining email hosting platforms for both personal as well as business email clients. Additionally, we offer you a wide range of personalized hosting plans. All are starting at great prices that ensure you a flawless email communication which is quite easier on the pocket than ever before.

Why choose E-mail Hosting Services India?     

A professional e-mail address not only sounds professional but also adds more reliability to your email. At Glosoft India, we are among the most trusted email hosting providers committed to understand your unique business needs. And, offer four email hosting plans that suit your different requirements. Our entire business email plans are secure, feature-rich, and ad-free.

All our email hosting plans in Kolkata come with abundant free services to bring a great product experience for you. We provide you with a range of hosing services. It includes antivirus solutions, mobile and handheld e-mail solutions, free web-based e-mail, webmail/POP3/IMAP/SMTP access, and unlimited free e-mail forwarding.

Helmed with expert and professional IT teams! We can handle everything in a precise way and strive to fulfill your entire requirement at a reasonable price range.

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